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Sunshine Stitchers is a full service apparel decoration company.  In 2010, we added our sign shop capabilities to provide our customers with a full service "one-stop shop".

Our in house graphic designers can help design your graphics and assist with logo needs.  You bring us your ideas and we will bring them to life.

From traditional screen printing and embroidery to state-of-the-art digital printing, Sunshine Stitchers can provide you, your company or your organization with top quality finished products.


Traditionally, screen printing has been the most popular method for garment decoration.  Individual color areas are burned into separate screens while ink is squeegeed through them and onto the garment.

Screen printing is typically ideal for jobs that require :

​          1.) Larger quantities

          2.) Less colors (typically 8 colors or less)

          3.) Larger graphics size (greater than 12" wide)

          4.) Less cost per item


Sunshine Stitchers uses industry leading TAJIMA embroidery machines paired with top-of-the-line threads from Madeira for long-lasting, top quality, finished embroidered goods.

Our shop offers digitizing services to convert your existing logos to stitch-ready artwork.  If you don't have artwork or logos, you can choose from over 35,000 stock designs from our catalog.

Sunshine Stitchers also offers wholesale and contract pricing for distributors looking to resell our stitching services.  Please contact our embroidery specialists for information on these programs.


Digital Garment Printing (also known as DTG or direct-to-garment) allows production of full blended color graphics on garments.

Unlike traditional screen printing where ink is squeeged on top of fabric, digital printing dyes the actual fabric of the garment with a 4-color CMYK process.

Digital garment printing is typically ideal for jobs that require:

          1.) Smaller quantities

          2.) More colors (can print thousands of colors, shades and blends)

          3.) Smaller graphics size (less than 12" wide)

         4.) Limited to WHITE or LIGHT colored fabrics only.


Sublimation printing is a technique where images and graphics are printed on special release paper using specially formulated inks. 

The graphics are then transferred to poly fabric or poly-coated product blanks using high temperature and pressure.

This process allows Sunshine Stitchers to create vivid, high color, on-demand customized goods for our customers.

From apparel to plaques and everything in between, sublimation printing can tackle the job.

Contact our sales team to discuss the hundreds of sublimatable items available.

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